Article Processing Charges

Why have APC's | What do we pay APC’s for? How much are APCs? | Are taxes included? | Who is responsible for payment?Will APC given at submission change?

Why have APC’s?

There are costs associated with publishing a peer-reviewed journal; article-processing charges cover the costs of publication as this journal does not receive subscription charges for its research content. The CC BY NC license type means that everyone around the globe can read and download your article for free and use it for personal non-commercial use.

What do we pay APC’s for?

APC’s pay for:

. Article appearing on website for global free personal download and use

. Various formats online publication

. Use of electronic tools to facilitate the peer-review process (i.e. Editorial Manager)

. Use of iThenticate software to ensure submitted works are original

How much are APCs?

The article processing charges for the Point of Care Journals are as follows for each article accepted for publication:

Research @ Point of Care                           €1200

Technology @ Point of Care                       €1200

Patients @ Point of Care                             € 500


Are taxes included?

No taxes are included in this charge. Authors/Institutions in Italy will need to add 22% VAT/Tax. Authors resident in a European Union country will need to add VAT/Tax at 22% if they do not supply a VAT/tax number; while for Authors/Institutions with a VAT/Tax number, 22% VAT/Tax will not be applied. For ROW (Rest of World), 22% VAT/Tax will not be applied.

Who is responsible for payment?

Whoever submits the manuscript is responsible for paying or arranging payment.

Will APC’s given at submission change?

No, APC’s given at submission are agreed and will be the fee you pay, regardless of whether APC charges are increased after submission.